January 8, 2020 admin

A fair consultation is not always a matter of course. The customer often relies on the professional competence and honesty of the building loan advisor. Many consultations are often only in the interests of sellers or consultants. It is always the customer who is left behind! For this reason, it is advisable never to go unprepared for a consultation. The better prepared a consultation, the more precise the result will be for your building loan. Prepare for a fair consultation Make a list of your assets. Find out how much equity is immediately available to you for your building loan….

January 2, 2020 admin

Your bank must give you a proposal on which you will find a sometimes incomprehensible precision: the annual effective annual rate (APR). This term, generally followed by a percentage, you could also find it on advertisements or on prospectuses touting the offers and other conditions of credit institutions. APR: a legal obligation of banks intended for borrowers The overall effective annual rate intrigues you and you want to have all the information on these bank details so that your monthly payments do not exceed your repayment capacity… Here are some answers that will allow you to use the APRC for…