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The form below is for adding or modifying details of non-profit making community organisations in and around Poole Borough.

There are two types of entry in the Welcome to Poole directory :

  1. A complete list of all organisations, with their addresses and all contact details
  2. One or more web pages giving full details of the organisation, up and coming events, etc. An example site is the Broadstone Residents' Association page.

If your organisation is eligible, please send details for inclusion in the general list. If you wish us to create a page for you in the Community Directory then please indicate this in the "Additional Details" field below. Note that these entries are completely FREE and can be updated from time to time.

Do NOT use this form if you are not a bona fide community organisation in the Poole area. You are simply wasting your time as your details will never be displayed!

Please complete the form below and then click on the "Submit" button. It couldn't be simpler!

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Enter up to 100 words to describe your organisation. You can us plain text or simple HTML such as <BR>, <B> etc. if you wish. This will be displayed as a pop-up window (this service to be established in the near future)
Additional Details: Add any useful comments (these will NOT be published)

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