"The Story of Poole"

by Ray Joyce

This traces the known history of Poole from the Stone Age to the present date.

Follow the history by clicking on Part 1 and then follow by clicking on "Next". "Previous" will return you to the previous page and "Introduction" to this page.

Part 1 Early Poole man, the Iron Age logboat and the first potters

Part 2 Roman, Saxon and Danish invasions

Part 3 William Longespee and the Royal Charters

Part 4 Mayor Making and Beating the Sea Bounds

Part 5 Privateers and Pirates

Part 6 The Civil War and the siege of Corfe Castle

Part 7 The Newfoundland Trade

Part 8 The coming of the railways and the Poole Bridges

Part 9 World War II

Part 10 The post-war re-vitalisation of Poole

Part 11 Present day links with France and Newfoundland

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