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Find out what to look out for, which conditions are important and how to proceed step by step. Regular checking of current loans opens up interesting scope for you: paying off with lower interest rates or more convenient terms can not only bring you effective savings but also lower rates that are easier to use.

The prerequisite is, of course, that your Good Credit credit provides for the option of special repayment or early redemption, and preferably at no additional cost, we have researched this for you.

Debt optimization


In order to achieve the greatest possible effect if you transfer your loan liabilities to Good Credit, it is advisable to first probe the market:

  • For which interest rates can you currently receive a suitable installment loan?
  • Are there any additional costs or fees?

Alternatively, you could agree on the new loan higher or arrange a more convenient term, for example, to cleverly bridge additional purchases or a liquid bottleneck. With debt rescheduling, you can include and optimize your entire financial situation if you carefully process all the steps.

The essential prerequisite is, of course, that you first research cheaper offers, on the one hand, to assess the savings potential and on the other hand to develop the overall financing expenditure – and to be able to make a well-considered decision.

Good Credit credit: the premature replacement

Good Credit credit: the premature replacement

To get straight to the point: With a Good Credit loan, you have absolutely no restrictions with regard to the partial or complete early redemption. There are no prepayment penalties or restrictions on special repayments for the installment loan for private or self-employed persons or for the Good Credit car loan.

This makes the bank stand out because many competitors provide sensitive additional costs or limit the possibility of special repayment to a certain portion of the outstanding loan amount. So you have all the options for debt restructuring if the bottom line is worth it.

Redeem credit at Good Credit efficiently – be careful

Decisive for a decision to reschedule your Good Credit loan is the potential new loan conditions, which you should first focus on: It is best to use a serious online loan comparison to get a quick and uncomplicated overview. If you have decided in favor of a provider in the loan comparison, please use the option of making a preliminary request. Make sure you select the “Debt restructuring” purpose.

The credit check then correctly assumes that you do not plan to spend extra, but want to replace an existing one. You can do all of this directly from the comparison, the preliminary decision will not belong in coming. At the same time, you can prepare the documents you need in any case. This includes proof of income, a copy of the ID card and the current loan agreement, as well as the statement of income and costs.

Debt Good Credit credit step by step

Debt Good Credit credit step by step

Do not rush and proceed step-by-step when rescheduling your Good Credit loan:

  1. To be on the safe side, check the contractual agreements with Good Credit that you will really not incur any additional costs when rescheduling.
  2. Find the right provider in online loan comparison and make a preliminary request that meets your needs, subject to debt restructuring.
  3. Receive the confirmation, send the required documents and the signed loan application by post and complete the PostIdent procedure at the same time.
  4. There are two options for repayment: Either you instruct the new bank with the help of a proxy or you can have the new loan amount paid to your account and do all the necessary steps yourself.
  5. Make sure that you receive a final account statement for the Good Credit credit and that the entry at Credit Checker is deleted.

Since there are no obstacles in your way, you can easily reschedule a Good Credit loan. However, first, check the current conditions critically in order to really achieve an advantage. If there is potential for savings, the application is sufficient to have the new bank take care of the replacement.

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